Kamagra is Viagra’s generic ED treatment manufactured and sold by Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma. Sildenafil Viagra and Kamagra are also said to have the same effect as Viagra basically because Sildenafil is the active ingredient.

There are 50 mg and 100 mg of regular products, and they are sold under two names, “Kamagra” and “Kamagra Gold”, but these two are considered to be almost the same including effects and side effects. At present, it may be said that it is the most famous among generic ED therapeutics, and although it has been approved in Japan, it has been widely purchased and widely used as a private import agent.

Kamagra is a term used to refer to a variety of types of drugs. Viagra is generally sold as tablets only, but in addition to orally-administered tablets, Kamagra is a type of effervescent agent that can be dissolved in water and consumed, and three types of chewable withdrawal that can be dissolved or stirred in the mouth Types are sold

In addition, many types of taste are sold, and there are seven types of foaming agents such as lychee and green apples, and four types of chewable types. For those who are not good at taking tablets, it may be quite easy to take chewable without water and effervescent type that can be dissolved and consumed.

Kamagra’s effects and side effects

As I mentioned earlier, Kamagra and Viagra are made of the same active ingredients, so the effect is said to be almost the same. However, since Viagra generics are not approved in Japan, it is worth noting that ” the same effect as Viagra is not guaranteed .”

It is recommended to take it about 1 hour before having sex, and it starts to appear 30 minutes after taking it, and the duration of the effect is approximately 4 hours to 6 hours.

Compared with other ED therapeutic agents, it may be said that the effect is quicker and the penis hardness at erection is the most effective. It is recommended to take it before meals, and it may become less effective if taken after meals, and many of the people who “do not work” take it immediately after taking many meals. It’s closed.

Because ED treatment medicines such as Cialis have a long time until the onset of the effect and the erection is slow, instead it has the feature that it is hard to be affected by the diet. There are many. If you must take after meals, eat for about 3 hours, make the menu low in fat and oil, refrain from lowering the amount, etc. and it will be easier for you to be effective Become.

Other areas of concern are taking when drinking alcohol, but if there is an appropriate amount, drinking is not a problem either. Of course, excessive intake is not recommended because there is a risk of paralyzing the stimulation to the brain, but since moderate drinking may stimulate excitement, it is safe to take it.

Also, Viagra, which is said to have the same effect, is currently marketed from 25 mg, and considering the 50 mg and 100 mg of Kamagra, first try cutting it with a pill cutter in half or a quarter. Of course, isn’t it a good way to see the degree of effectiveness and also the economic aspect?

Side effects of Kamagra

Kamagra has the same effect as Viagra, but its side effects are also considered to be similar to Viagra. The main side effects of Kamagra are:

  • Headaches
  • hot flashes on the face
  • flushing
  • Stomachache
  • nausea
  • indigestion
  • Palpitation

And so on.

Headaches, burning, and flushing is side effects that can be seen in about 1 in 10 people who take this, which is quite common. However, since there are considerable individual differences in the degree of side effects, some people do not feel much at all, and some people feel relatively strong side effects.

Of course, the side effects have become less effective as they become softer, so it would not be enough to bother you if you take the dosage properly and take it.

Make sure to check the prohibited drugs and precautions carefully before taking it safely.

Cautions for purchasing and taking Kamagra

There are several points to be aware of in order to make the effect safe and secure. The main points I would like to be aware of when purchasing Kamagra are:

  • 1 combination contraindication
  • A situation where you should not take 2
  • About the purchase on 2 Internet
  • The above three points can be mentioned.

At first, there are 1 and 2 but there are some medicines which should not be used together with Kamagra like Viagra. Kamagra’s combination contraindications are nitrate medicines such as nitroglycerin, and “Anchalone tablets” and “Amiodarone hydrochloride tablets”, which are drugs for arrhythmia.

Those who have been hospitalized for myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, arrhythmia, etc. may be prescribed the above medicines, and if they take Kamagra, their blood pressure will drop sharply, and in the worst case Sometimes I die. Besides, a person with severe liver dysfunction and people with retinitis pigmentosa.

You should be careful about taking these people.

And what has become quite a hot topic recently is the purchase of 3 on the Internet. Kamagra is not approved in Japan at present, and basically, it has not been prescribed in hospitals, etc., so if you want to buy in Japan, you have no choice but to buy it from the Internet at a personal import agency site.

Viagra fakes have also become a problem, but recently it seems that Kamagra fakes are also present, so I would like you to be very careful about these points when purchasing on the net.

However, Kamagra may be purchased at a much lower price despite the same effect as Viagra. Considering that it is cut with a building cutter and taken, it can be purchased in an amount of about 1/5 to 1/10. If you purchase it after confirming the operating company and description of the site firmly, it may be good to say that it is very good ED treatment even in terms of price.

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